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Who and What

ABC Capital Partners is an advisory company which marries financial and industrial expertise and in particular for the “Digital Enabler” market. Its main services are:

  • Sectors of interest analysis
  • Identification of investment targets
  • Company portfolio monitoring and value creation
  • Value-building strategy support

ABC Capital Partners is the exclusive advisory company for the Metrika Tech Fund (MTF).


The partners and founders of ABC Capital Partners make up the advisory team and are on the Investment Committee of the Metrika Tech Fund. Their expertise is broad and comprehensive and covers the following areas:

  • Industrial: real entrepreneurial experience in the IT sector and in all phases of company life (start-up, entry of financial partners, turnarounds, M&A’s, IPO’s)
  • Financial: experience in investment banking and private equity, particularly in the technology sector, with a proven track record of successful transactions.

Dario Albarello

Dario - CEO of ABC Capital Partners - is a manager with almost 20 years of experience in the field of Private Equity and Investment Banking. An Economics and Business graduate, he has gained experience in Advisory and Corporate Finance and over the last 10 years has been an Investment Manager of technology sector Private Equity Funds that have successfully executed transactions with leading ICT companies such as SIA, Lutech, GPI and WIIT. For the latter two, he has in particular overseen exits through IPO.

Francesco Baroncelli

Francesco - CEO of ABC Capital Partners - is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the ICT sector. He has been involved in both the development and restructuring of large companies and the development of start-ups. With a background ranging from a degree in Economics and Business to an MBA at SDA Bocconi, Francesco is also a director of Adelante, sold to the WIIT Group in 2018, and a Director of WIIT with a focus on M&A’s and international development.

Alessandro Cozzi

Alessandro, Chairman of ABC Capital Partners, is also the founder and majority shareholder of the WIIT Group, listed on the Star market of the Italian Stock Exchange (WIIT.MI). Founded in the late 1990s, the Group is a leading Private Cloud operator. Since listing in 2017, the company has returned one of the strongest growth performances of recent years both in terms of market capitalisation (+300%) and economic fundamentals, on the basis of organic growth and M&A’s and culminating in the recent acquisition of a German player.

Digital technologies at the service of ESG

Environmental sustainability, reducing gender gaps, and democratising access to privileged resources are just a few of the most challenging goals which we are working on together.

The future of our world and our very survival is at stake.

The role of the financial industry is central: the proper allocation of capital can, in fact, play a decisive role. ABC Capital Partners intends to actively contribute by selecting investment targets for the Metrika Tech Fund in line with these objectives.

Metrika Tech Fund

ABC Capital Partners is the exclusive advisor to the Metrika Tech Fund, established by Metrika Sgr on September 24, 2020. The Fund has a funding of Euro 50 million (hard-cap reached) and a duration of 10 years.

  • Sector: Information and Communication Technology and in particular the fast-growing segments of Digital Enablers (Cybersecurity, IOT, Big Data, Mobile Business, A.I., Digital Marketing, Fintech, Saas)
  • Philosophy: The Fund’s activities are based on two underlying principles:
    • Investments within the above sectors and in line with the experience and expertise of ABC Capital Partners
    • “Hands-on” management, including industrial management (“speaking the same language as the entrepreneur”).
  • Target: Italian SME’s (not start-ups) of medium-small size (turnover Euro 5-50 million), positive EBITDA and scalable through Expansion operations and, in particular, Buy&Build. The segment is not covered well by traditional financial operators, but has a significant number of healthy companies which, if supported financially and industrially, can grow rapidly and offer attractive exits for industrial companies and traditional funds.
  • Investment method: Preferably majority transactions, with entrepreneurs/managers actively involved, through various methods (share purchase, capital increases, convertible loans, equity loans, mezzanine finance, etc.)

Metrika Tech Fund Investments

Investment Year: 2020
Status: in portfolio
Transaction: majority
Industry: cybersecurity
Url: www.qinet.it

QiNet is a managed services provider focused entirely on cybersecurity and networking. Founded in 2003, the company is based in Turin and through its N(S)OC and more than 45 highly specialised staff, designs, executes and manages through “outsourcing” secure and highly-performing infrastructure for loyal medium and large customers.

Investment Year: 2021
Status: in portfolio
Transaction: majority
Industry: martech
Url: www.advicegroup.it

Advice Group SpA is an innovative SME based in Turin operating in the martech and behavioral loyalty segment with over 50 national and international clients managed and over 20 international sector awards won in the last 4 years. Advice employs 55 people and in May 2021 acquired the start-up Leevia Srl and in September 2022 E-Leads Srl.

Investment Year: 2021
Status: in portfolio
Transaction: Add-on Advice Group – Majority
Industry: martech
Url: www.leevia.com

Leevia is the online platform to help brands, large companies and communication agencies generate valuable profiled leads and retain customers through gamification tools such as sweepstakes and loyalty programs. In 2021 he joined Advice Group, the only 100% Italian martech company specialized in behavioral loyalty.

Investment Year: 2022
Status: in portfolio
Transaction: majority
Industry: cybersecurity
Url: www.abissi.eu

Abissi deals vertically with Cybersecurity and in particular with the identification and prevention of vulnerabilities and risks related to devices and other corporate assets. With a particular focus on the Automotive and IOT world, Abissi offers Cybersecurity, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Application Security and Digital Forensic services in line with the main standards such as NIST, CIS, OSSTMM, OWASP GDPR, ISO 27001 and 21434.

Investment Year: 2022
Status: in portfolio
Transaction: Add on QiNet – Majority
Industry: managed services – cybersecurity
Url: upgradesrl.com

Upgrade is an infrastructure Managed Services Provider with a focus on defensive Cybersecurity. With a new SOC team, as well as a group of experts in infrastructure, the company is now part of QiNet and has strengthened its territorial presence, Cybersecurity skills and the ability to manage private cloud environments, as well as the economic and profitability dimension.

Investment Year: 2022
Status: in portfolio
Transaction: Add on Advice – Majority
Industry: martech
Url: e-leads.it

Founded in Biella in 2018, E-Leads is an innovative SME that operates in the performance marketing market with a particular focus on lead generation strategy. Over the years it has developed proprietary technologies that, when applied to marketing, allow its customers to increase the customer base effectively. In 2022 he joined Advice Group, the only 100% Italian martech company specialized in behavioral loyalty.


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ABC Capital Partners is born


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